DIGITUUR | 6. Adult Education Act 2015
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Adult Education Act 2015

AEA sets requirements for:

  • operating further training institutions
  • organising further training courses
  • disclosure of information

AEA regulates:

  • study leaves
  • financing of further training
  • state supervision

AEA provides requirements for compiling and issuing outcome-based curricula and the respective documents. Focus on learning outcomes promotes the quality improvement of further training courses. Learners have better chances to assess their results at the end of the training. AEA makes the content and form of various training more transparent. By providing a standard for further training, the format of the curricula is conformed, enabling the learners to fully understand the content and terms of training as well as providing them with sufficient information for making their choices. AEA attributes to further training institutions responsibility for providing a suitable learning environment and learning aids, or the possibility to utilise the latter.