DIGITUUR | 19. International cooperation
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International cooperation

International cooperation started with the support of the Nordic countries even before the restoration of Estonian independence.

Between 2001 and 2013, the Grundtvig programme financed the studies of adult educators and adult learners in other European countries. During 13 years, more than €3 million were allocated to international activities in this field of activity.

Since 2008, Estonian educational institutions have also been able to participate in Nordplus Adult, a programme for adult learning in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Between 2008 and 2017, projects coordinated by 41 Estonian institutions have been approved for grants totalling more than €600,000.

Adult learning is also addressed by the Erasmus+ cooperative European educational programme that was started in 2014 and unites all fields of education. During the first four years, 42 Estonian adult education organisations have participated, receiving grants totalling €1.6 million.

During 17 years, the international activities related to adult learning in Estonia have received grants totalling more than €6 million.