Old Guys Say Yes to Community

The project “Old Guys Say Yes to Community” (abbreviated as “Old guys”) studies the out-of-home activities of 60+ men. It is known that compared to women, elderly men tend to remain outside social life. It is a fact both in Estonia and in other countries. Then again, it is highly important for the improvement of a person’s individual well-being to participate in the life of the community or circle of friends and keep one’s finger on the pulse.

In the course of the project 100 interviews will be conducted with elderly men in all participating countries, thus altogether at least 400. The given men include both people preferring domestic lifestyle and those who have remained active in the social or working life. The studied areas in Estonia include East Viru, Võru and Valga counties. Similarly, we will discuss the related issues with local activists, representatives of non-profit organisations and local government employees.

The objective of the project is to develop an evidence-based training course for local activists and local government employees on how to avoid making mistakes in offering out-of-home self-fulfilment opportunities for elderly men.

Project coordinator
Slovenia – Univerza Ljubljani

Project partners
Slovenia -  Andragoško Društvo Slovenije
Estonia – Tallinn University
Estonia – AEAE Andras
Poland – Uniwersytet Wroclawski
Portugal – Universidade do Algarve

Project homepage: http://oldguys.splet.arnes.si/