Since March 2013, ETKA Andras, together with the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, is coordinating the project AGENDA – Implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning.

AGENDA, the European adult education activity plan for the years 2012–2020, serves as the means for increasing the opportunities for participation in lifelong learning among the adult population. The activities include dissemination, establishment of counselling systems, offering flexible ways for learning, information exchange between the different stakeholders in the field, development of the cooperation network, etc. AGENDA is implemented in most of European countries.

Points of concern in case of Estonia are low level of education or no professional education (32% among the age group of 24–65) which hinders competition in the labour market. Bringing people back to learning is complicated and requires cooperation between the different stakeholders in the field of adult education (providers, employers, local governments, different ministries, agencies, etc.) which is currently insufficient.

Target group of the project involves people with low level of education (without secondary education) and without professional education, as well as the respective group of the non-Estonian-speaking population.

An objective is the raising of general awareness about lifelong learning. Another important goal is to describe potential support model(s), including a motivation scheme for the target group. The objectives are reached by involving different stakeholders into common interaction.